Pufpaff's Fiber Processing
Nashville, MI



The Needle Feltmaking Machine 
has arrived and is ready for your feltmaking needs.

***If you are a feltmaker within commuting distance of the mill,
 time can be scheduled to layout projects in the mill's studio
 and then those projects can go directly to the machine to be felted
in less time than it took to lay out the project.

Machine time will be charged at $10.00 per yard, includes operation assistance., no charge for studio time.
If you need staff assistance in the studio, staff time will be charged at $25.00 per hour
Minimum charge for machine usage  $40.00

***If you are a fiber producer with surplus fiber 
or fiber that is too short to market to spinners or to get custom spun into yarn,
the mill staff is here to assist you in developing custom felt yardage from your fibers.


Pricing structure for the felting services. 
Base fees include, custom layout and felting to customer specs.
This fee is $20.00 per prefelted yard of fabric 36-38 inches wide.

All felts with llama or alpaca in the mix will be laminated to cotton gauze.

List on your order form weight desired.

Fiber processing will still be charged at the mill's going rates. This is $7.50 to $8.50 per pound based
on incoming straight from the animal weight.

There will be an additional charge of $35.00 per hour
 for the layout of custom surface designs.

***If you are interested in working with custom felt yardage
 but do not have access to your own fibers, we can create felt yardage
 to your specs or you may purchase from the mill's current supply.
The mill's supply is constantly changing so call or visit to see what is available.

Most fulled yardage is 28 to 32 inches wide.
Cost per yard will be based on the cost of making
 the fabric, the cost of the fiber used.

Fabrics in inventory will vary in price from $40.00 per yard for prefelts
 up to $100.00 a yard for very thick felts.


Some suggested uses for felted yardage:
Wool quilt batts that are stabilized
Felt base fabric for needle felting
Yardage for clothing, toys, and fashion accessories
Shoes and boot insoles
Rugs, stadium blankets, saddle pads and blankets
Upholstery felt
Baby animal and dog coats
Home decor items like pillows, placemats, potholders, and chairpads.


***If you are interested in purchasing a "Needle Felting Machine"
for your mill or studio
contact Don Evens at info@feltcrafts.com
for additional information.